Book Process Detail presents you with the Internet’s first group greeting gift book. Our process makes it easy for groups or organizations to celebrate the lives of people they love, admire, and respect.

Use this easy-to-follow format to help you along your way. You may click on any underlined topic for a more detailed description:

Start a Book:

You select the type of occasion and name the person or persons being celebrated. We will create a book including a paper design and several headings that match the occasion. These are only suggestions. You may use the book we create for you and save it to your account or you may make changes at any time.

Select a Paper Design:

You may choose from a wide range of design formats to obtain the “look and feel” that best matches the occasion or event being celebrated. Use our designs for printing from a color printer onto regular printer paper or print your gift book on your own pre-printed paper.

Customize your Title Page:

Customize your Title Page by changing the title, adding a date, and/or uploading a graphic or photograph.

Select an Album Cover:

Select one of our exquisite handmade or leather covers to protect and add beauty to your gift book. Our special screw-binding will accommodate any size book. Covers add the final touch to make your personal gift book into a lifetime treasure.

Select Page Headings:

Each occasion has suggested headings associated with it. These are designed to help prompt your guests to make comments. You have the option to select alternate prewritten headings, edit our suggestions, or create headings of your own.

Save your Book:

Once you have completed creating a gift book, you must make certain to save your settings by clicking the button which reads, “Save Settings, Let’s Go On!” You will be prompted to either log into an existing account or create a new one.

Send Invitations:

Give us a list of who you would like to invite to make comments in your gift book, we’ll mail out the invitations. You will also have the opportunity to personalize the invitation process and set helpful reminders for both you and your guests.

Purchase Materials:

You have selected one of our covers or pre-printed paper to help preserve your gift book, but don’t forget to purchase your materials! You may purchase your materials by logging into your book and clicking on the web cart at the top of the page.

Make Comments:

Now that you have created a wonderful gift book, it is time to make comments! Choose one of your pre-selected headings and write a comment. You may comment under as many page headings as you like, and may even upload an image to be displayed along with your comment.

Edit Comments:

Guests may contact you with requests to remove or edit comments and/or signatures. As the book organizer, you have editorial control over the book. Editing comments is not always necessary.

View your Book’s Progress:

You may check on the progress of your book in several different ways, all of which require you first to log in to the book. The directions below assume that you have logged in to a book and are ready to proceed:

  • Preview Book (complete with comments):
    Choose the Make Changes option.
  • View Which Guests have Commented:
    Enter the Invitations section, choose the Guest Status option.
  • View Comments (with headings):
    Choose the Edit Contents option.

Print Book:

Your guests have commented, any purchased materials have arrived, and you are ready to print your book. Log in to your book and choose the Print Book option. You will be prompted to download Acrobat Reader (if not already installed) and may then click “Print Your Book” to download the final product. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click here. Once you have downloaded it, please make sure you install it by opening the file and following the prompts.

Some printing options have a cost associated with them. To view your printing options, click here. If you have trouble printing, we recommend that you review the “Trouble Shooting” section of our Tips for Printing Your Book.

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I did this book for my mother for Mother’s Day. She couldn’t stop talking about it. Every time I spoke to her on the phone for weeks, afterwards, she...

Eric Weissman

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