Book Process Overview

Each person comes to our site in one of two roles: the Book Organizer or as an Invited Guest. Both will make comments and/or upload photos, but each role has its own functions.

Book Organizers Will…

  • Customize your book through choice of paper design, cover, page headings selections, and much more!
  • Invite guests to contribute to the book using our Invitation Service or invite guests on their own–all they need is your Book ID
  • Have editorial control over comments and photographs
  • Format the contents of the book to suit your style and taste
  • Purchase a print option
  • Get unlimited desktop printing of your book, even if you order deluxe printing services from us.
  • Have your book kept active for up to six months

Invited Guests Can…

  • See what other people have written for inspiration
  • Contribute sentiments and photos, as often as they like
  • Request a copy of the book
  • Start a book of their own

Celebrate a Hero WILL:

  • Spell check and prepare the layouts for printing
  • Send reminders to guests who have not contributed to the book
  • Keep you up to date on invitee participation as often as you choose.
  • Print & bind your book when you are ready ( Deluxe Version Only)
  • Work hard to ensure your book becomes a beautiful cherished keepsake
  • Provide you with fantastic customer service – We love what we do!

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My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary. I wanted to go the sentimental route when selecting a gift for them, but I was at a loss for ideas until I...

Hope D. Walters

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