How It Works

What is is a gift book service to help you honor the important people (Mom, Dad, Family Member, Co-worker, Friend) in your life with sentiments and pictures from their family, friends and co-workers. Celebrate your hero’s retirement, birthday, graduation, anniversary and more…with a coffee table quality book that they will treasured forever. We guarantee it!

• Easy – Create a book in 3 easy steps
• Collaborative – invite family, friends & co-workers to add photos and sentiments
• Affordable – prices start at $29.95
• Meaningful – A cherish gift prominently displayed and shared
• Free for Military Personnel

How does work?

One person assumes the role of book organizer. They use the website to pick a title page, their favorite book design, album cover, book close date and the topics under which friends and family may contribute. Topics such as: “I admire you because….,” or “I want you to know….,” or “Remember when….,” make it easy for everyone to communicate their feelings. Click here to see sample books.

How do family, friends and co-workers get involved?

You can use the book as a single contributor or, and we recommend, that you invite family, friends and co-workers to also contribute to the book.  We make it very easy to reach out with electronic invitations and reminders sent to your invited guests. The emails have a direct link to your book, so guests can easily add their sentiments and photos.

Telephone calls or snail mail can also be used to invite guests. You just need to give them the website and book ID and they will be able to add their wishes to the book.

Even guests without internet access can submit handwritten comments and photos directly to you which can be added to the book after it is printed.

How does the book get printed?

We offer a variety of printing options to suit your style, taste and budget.

1. Deluxe Printing

We print and bind an elegant coffee table quality book for you.  Your cost is only $119.95 (up to 40 pages) and $1.00 a page, thereafter. See our binding options

As an added bonus, this option also includes unlimited printing of your book from your personal printer. Feel free to download an electronic version of the book and print as many copies as you want for your family and friends!

2. Self Print with Comments:

An electronic version of the book can be downloaded to your desktop for you to print, assemble and give to your hero.

Your cost is only $29.95 (up to 40 pages) and 40 cents a page, thereafter.  You may also purchase one of our quality post and screw album covers specifically designed for our Celebration books.
You can view a sample book here

3.  Self Print a Guest Book  (self print no comments)

Use our site to design a beautiful guest book complete with title page (with or without a photo) and page headings for any occasion. These books are great for collecting handwritten comments at a party, when you do not have time to complete a book using the internet.  Your cost is only $4.95- with no limit on the number of pages.
You can view a sample book here

How long does it take to make a book?

This time can vary, depending on the print option you choose.  You can create a guest book for a handwritten comments within just a few minutes.  However, if you want to invite guests to contribute, you should allow time to collect their sentiments.

We have had customers complete a book in less than a week,  but we advise giving yourself at least three to four weeks.

How long has been in business?

We started our website in 2000. Since that time thousands of people have been celebrated. Our customers are loyal and come back and make multiple books for their family and friends.

Many of America’s top companies (HP, Shell Oil, Proctor & Gamble, to name just a few) also use our service to honor their retirees.

We love what we do. We believe everybody deserves to know why they are special.  Getting a celebrate book makes the world a better place. Help spread the love by starting a book for someone you care about.

Start A Gift Book Now!

If you are not ready to start a book now set up a reminder and we will remind you when it is time to begin your book.

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Binding Options

Perfect Bound Hard Cover
with Customizable Cover

Please allow up to 14 business days with regular shipping and 7 business days with rush shipping.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″ or 7″ x 9″

Book Orientation: Portrait or Landscape

Pricing: $119.95 up to 40 pages; $1.00 per page over 40

perfect bound example

Post and Screw Bound
Leather Album Cover

Only available in 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait. Allow up to 10 business days with regular shipping and 5 business days with express. (Good for rearranging pages and adding additional pages to the book.)

Size: 8.5″ x 11″ only

Book Orientation: Portrait only

Pricing: $119.95 up to 40 pages; $1.00 per page over 40

post and screw cover example

Post and Screw Bound Leather Album Cover

post and screw cover example

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You make my job so much easier. I am responsible for creating the recognition gift book s when someone retires from our company. Your service is fabulous. The books...

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