Tips for Printing & Editing Your Book

You may print your book as often as you like by using the “self print” button located under the PRINT tab and make unlimited changes. If you ordered deluxe printing, when you are ready for us to print your book, click the “send to print button” under the PRINT Tab

Default Layout Rules

1. Expand the “edit box” next to each entry to make changes to the layout
2. Each picture goes on its own page with the associated text, this can be changed by going to the entry, opening the “edit box” removing the check mark in the box marked “ADD/REMOVE PAGE BELOW”. This action will move up the picture or text on the next page.
2. Page Headings are not combined. Each has its own page
3. Text is centered on the page with full margins. You can make the margins smaller and change the text alignment using the controls in the edit box.

IMPORTANT: CelebrateAHero does not edit the contents of your book. This is the book organizer’s responsibility. Review the editing guidelines below:

Preview the Book using the “Edit Contents and Layout” feature and make changes to your book. Look for:

  • Spelling and Punctuation: Review each comment in the book. Guests often misuse punctuation and misspell words. Click the “edit box” for each comment and look for red unlined words. This means the system does not recognize the spelling. Make changes, where appropriate.
  • Signature Line: Make sure each comment has a signature.
  • Short single comments: Each page heading goes on its own page. If you have just a few lines under a page heading, we recommend moving the comment to a no heading area and adding the page heading to the actual comment. Then go to the book settings feature and delete the page heading that had only one comment under it.
  • Page Headings with no Comments: You can either delete these page headings using the edit book setting feature or ignore them as CelebrateAHero will not include these in the final print.
  • Comments that only have a few words on a line: Guests often write their comments in a word processing program and then paste them into the comment box. This may cause line breaks in the wrong place. You will have to remove the line breaks manually.

More Tips:

  • Searching: If you want to search for a particular comment use your browser’s search tool to search for the signature name.
  • Enlarging the Screen: If you need to enlarge the screen so you can more easily read the comments and you are using a Windows operating system, press the control “Ctrl” button and while holding the button also press the “+” button multiple times to enlarge the screen.

    If you are using a Mac, grab the corner and drag it to make the screen bigger.

  • Blank Pages: If you want to include some blank pages for handwritten comments, you can make your selection at bottom of the edit contents and layout screen. Look for the instructions and click on Make Changes
  • You have selected to add 0 additional blank pages at the back of the book. Make Changes
  • Deluxe Print Orders:. After you have edited the comments and are ready for us to print your book, click the “Send to Print” button under the PRINT tab. Then, follow the on screen prompts to give us your shipping information, cover choices, pay for shipping as well as any additional pages over 40.

    We will then process your book for printing. This means we will make it look as beautiful as possible. We will remove blank pages, enlarge the pictures and reduce the amount of white space on the pages. We will then send you an electronic version for final approval before we actually go to print.

    If you have additional questions please email us:

  • Also see our video’s below:

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