Sending Invitations

To make use of the Invitation Service, log in to your book and choose the Invitations tab. Each section below is related to a different option on the Invitation Service home page.

Send Invitations:

Create a list of guests you would like to have comment in your book.

We will e-mail invitations to your guests including the Book ID, your name, a date for guests to comment by, and our prewritten message or one you have created. We do not send your password to any invited guests, knowing the Book ID will give your guests the ability to make comments in your book, but will not give them access to any of your personal account information. The invitation will come from you. We will insert your account name and email address in the email’s “From” area.

You may customize the invitation by using the large text box. Please use the drop down date box to create a book closing date. You may change this date at any time by accessing “Options” within the Invitation Section.

Guest Status:

Find out which guests have commented and which need reminding. Your Guest Status page will also allow you to edit or delete addresses from your invitation list to correct retired addresses and misspellings.


We have provided you with several helpful options for managing your invitation list. You have the following choices:

  • How often you would like notification that guests have made comments.
  • Which e-mail address notifications should be sent to.
  • Create a personal reminder to print your book.
  • Change the comment closing date
  • How often you would like to remind guests who have not made comments to do so.

Address Book:

Your Address Book holds the addresses of all guests you have invited to contribute to your books. You may use this list to select which guests you would like to invite to your new book.

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