Making Comments

Choose a Heading:

The creator of each book has selected headings to help you make comments in the book. To view the headings, locate the bar labeled “Select a page heading…” Select the heading you like best (or choose “no heading” to leave a comment without a heading) and click the “Comment Now!” button.

Make a Comment:

The heading you selected will appear above a blank text box. Make your comments within the large box, include your name in the signature box (if you have a common first name, please include your first and last names), and submit. Your comments will be spell checked and you will have the opportunity to make any corrections before making a final submission.

You are welcome to make multiple comments. The book organizer will receive an email notification from confirming the receipt of comments and/or photos.

The comments and photos may be viewed by other invited guests. If you do not want to not have your comment viewed by others, check the approprite box at the bottom of the Make Comments Screen.

Upload a Photo or Graphic:

A photo or graphic may be the perfect thing to add to your comment! To upload an image, click the Browse button and choose a file. When you click the Review and Spell Check button at the bottom of the screen, it will submit both your comment as well as your image. They will appear together under the same heading.

If you would like to upload a photo, but not under a heading, please visit our Photo Gallery. For more information on the photo gallery, click here.

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